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  • Capable of high quality soldering on any electronic devices.
  • The flux used into the core of solder wire contains low hygroscopic resin and activator system is selected in such a way that there is no gradual deterioration of color tone and similarly the scale of spattering is almost negligible.
  • Flux classified as no-clean is in accordance with the Spec.QQ-S-571F and passed all the tests of corrosion even the copper mirror test.
  • The which appears after soldering is highly transparent and as well as non-corrosive thus recommended not to wash even after soldering.
  • MELTING POINT :- 183 – 187Cº SPECIFIC GRAVITY:- 8.40 WORKING TEMP:- 325 – 375Cº
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63/37 NO CLEAN Solder Wire The main constituents of 63/37 solder wire are Tin (Sn) and Lead (Pb). This Solder wire is made of the high purity of white rosin and proprietary activators which provides rapid wetting and good spreadability. KTE wire is made from virgin Tin/Lead having 99.9% purity. Health and Safety: It is not toxic however a certain amount of fumes will be generated, therefore these fumes must be exhausted for the operator’s safety. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Item —> Solder Wire Grade —> Sn63Pb37 Appearance —> Bright shinning Specific gravity (gm/cm3) —> 8.40 Tensile strength (PSI) —> 6700 Melting point (ºC) —> 183 Recommended operating temperature —> 325 – 375 ºC TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION(As Per IPC-TM-650-J-STD004) Flux Type —> No Clean Flux Content —> 1.00%-2.00% Corrosiveness —> Passes copper mirror test Copper plate corrosion (60ºC,95% RH, 24 hours) —> No corrosion observed Surface insulation resistance (Ω) ○ Before humidity 1 x 1011 ○ After humidity 5 x 108 Electromigration —> Passes Wetting balance test —> Passes Spreadability—> >85 % Dryness —> Passes

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