2,999.00 1,699.00

Toshiba for better performance.

1 Year Replace Warranty.

For ultraslim and normal both tube.

Sutiable for any type 14 inch,15 inch,17inch,21inch,24inch and 29 inch CRT TV.

CQ 1265 and 765 STR kit and Big STR.

No effect on board by fluctuation of alternate current (AC) supply.


Color tv kit is a compound of motherboard and Remote and Sensor and Switch panel. it operate 220v to 240v ac and 50hz to 60 hz .this kit is install in all type crt tv like any branded or non branded television .and any moniter tube it will be istall very generate 22000 volt dc by its LOPT anode which is suitable for every picture tube of crt tv it is used only  ultraslim tube and it can also use in normal is high quality circuit at low power consumption . It is best for save electricity.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 12 cm


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