Smtech is a electronics circuit and product manufacture and online selling company.Smtech was start on 2014, with a dream to be a company which plays a vital role in the electronics circuit manufacture of India and makes the “Made in India” label respected the world over. We deals in all types of circuit  and complete assemble product and many other electronics items. Buy electronics product Online at low prices in India. Shop online wide range of product from top brands on Smtech .


  • Organization name: SMTECH
  • Established date:Since 15 August, 2014
  • Industry:All Electronics circuit and product provider
  • Website URL:
  • Mission/vision:SMTECH is on a mission of making the Electronics Industry absolutely simple and less costly
  • Product descriptions: SMTECH simple platform helps to buy All electronics product like motherboard and anyone product related to electronics
  • Signup users: Over 2.5 Million and growing
  • Email address:[email protected]
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